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Male Call: The Mixed and Female Group Dilemma

I went to a Gavin DeGraw concert recently.  Now, he’s hardly the stereotypical dreamboat that graces the covers of TigerBeat magazine, nevertheless there were women (dare I say, grown women) standing in the front row with glazed over looks on their faces like they might cry at any moment, reaching out to him, breathlessly mouthing the words to all of his songs.

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 we just finished recording our CD with Kat Linker! so fun! we love diovoce/vocal source!

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How the West [H]as Won

Fact: The ICCA West region, on average, represents 15-20% of the competitors in the entire ICCA.Fact: The ICCA West region has won 54% of the ICCA Finals titles (including the last 4 consecutive years).Query: How is this possible?Answer: Keep reading...

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Fold Me some BEN!!!

 I don't know Ben Folds.  The guy won't even return my phone calls!  Hey!  I'm a stalker?

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Ben Folds goes back to school

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Ben Folds didn't realize how great his music was until he heard a bunch of college students singing it.Ben Folds was so impressed by a cappella groups' performances of his songs, he made a record with them.The singer-songwriter says he was beyond impressed when he stumbled across videos of university a cappella groups singing covers of his songs on YouTube."I was really moved," he says. "I thought it was better than what I had done when I first heard it. That's how it struck me because it was so fresh."