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Concert Review: 2009 Chicago Regional Harmony Sweepstakes - March 21st, 2009

I'll offer my perspective on the Chicago sweeps, held just this past Saturday 3/21. I admit I did not take notes on exactly what songs were sung, but this should provide a good review of the fun night. And I'm pretty sure the order of groups is correct, but again I might be wrong. So please forgive me in advance. The anticipation of the 2009 Chicago Regional Harmony Sweepstakes was high, with several groups new to the lineup: 1st Half

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Inside View - San Francisco Harmony Sweepstakes

 Last weekend I was in San Francisco for the Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes.  I've been there before - 2003 as competitor and 2004 as  host.  It was nice to be back - held in the Palace of Fine Arts right in the most interesting (imo) section of San Francisco.

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Inside View - Pacific North West Harmony Sweepstakes

 I was in Olympia, WA last Saturday competing with one of my groups, 'Essence of Larynx,' at the Pacific North West Harmony Sweepstakes.  We took thirth (third place, but two groups tied for second, so we were actually fourth...).

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Review: NYC Harmony Sweeps, 3.7.09

Candice Helfand and Brian Chambers spend way too much time listening to, and talking about, a cappella. In fact, the night before the NYC Harmony Sweepstakes, held this past Saturday, March 7, they judged the ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinals held at Rutgers University. Rather than taking the rest of their weekend to listen to music with instruments, they instead decided to review the Sweeps to the best of their abilities for the lovely readers of CASA's website.