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Concert Review: Harmony Sweepstakes Boston Regional

The Boston Regional Competition of the Harmony Sweepstakes (4.18.10) was a smashing event this year.

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West Side 5 Wins Harmony Sweeps Mid-Atlantic!

We are happy to be representing the mid-Atlantic region in the Harmony Sweepstakes finals in San Rafael!

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Concert Review: West Side 5 at Columbia University’s Teachers College

Apologies for the delay in posting this review. The CASA site is in the midst of a re-design that is slowing down our processes.

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Find the harmony at a cappella fete

Every critic has secrets. Some played in Bob Seger cover bands. Others still like the Eagles' "Hotel California."

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DoubleShot!'s Band Blog: First Entry!

Hello CASA! We are DoubleShot! from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. featureimage: