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A Cappella Originals: Episode #21!

 Listen to the new podcast HERE If you are not already subscribed to automatically receive the newest A Cappella Originals podcast when it is published, then... you... should... be.  You can do it via iTunes or other podcast subscription services.  Search for 'a cappella originals."  I bet we're the only one! This podcast: music from Eclipse and Marcoux Corner.  Eclipse from Northern Utah.  Marcoux Corner from Minnesota.  

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Inside View: Harmony Sweepstakes Finals pt. 1 of 2

 Official results HERE Sometimes the cards play out right.  Sometimes they play out weird. 

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A Cappella Records Opens for Business

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of A Cappella Records. A Cappella Records (ACR) is the first all-digital record label for a cappella music.  ACR promotes a cappella artists and provides access to legally distributing music in international, digital marketplaces like iTunes and Amazon MP3. By taking care of licensing and royalty payments, ACR makes cover songs safe and easy to deal with, and allows artists to focus on what they do best: music.

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How the West [H]as Won

Fact: The ICCA West region, on average, represents 15-20% of the competitors in the entire ICCA.Fact: The ICCA West region has won 54% of the ICCA Finals titles (including the last 4 consecutive years).Query: How is this possible?Answer: Keep reading...

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Tunes To Teens sends free CDs to Kenya

Tunes To Teens has now gone global, sending its first overseas shipment of free CDs to choral students in Kenya.  The Concert Choir at the International School of Kenya in Nairobi will soon receive CDs from groups like the Nylons and Transit, as well as CDs from popular compilations like SING, BOCA, BOHSA, and winners of the CARAs.