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"The Sing-Off" Group Profiles: BYU Noteworthy

NBC’s “The Sing-Off” is a television first: a 4-night-only event that pits 8 a cappella groups of

Recording Review: Duke Lady Blue's "Off The Record"

I've listened to quite a few a cappella albums over the years and I noticed a pattern in my listening behavior. Looking back, I tended to gravitate towards all male or co-ed groups and I did not have a single all-female a cappella album in my possession with the exception of The Nonets that a friend had lent to me awhile ago. So, I made it my mission to discover the sounds of an all-girl group by taking a look at the nominees of the CARAs. I decided to show my alma mater some love by picking Lady Blue of Duke University.

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Introducing MusicaRanger!

I would like to introduce a new custom arrangement service, MusicaRanger! MusicaRanger makes tailored music arrangements to fit your needs, venues, and skill levels. Need a techno arrangement of Autumn Leaves for an all-male group, or a doo-wop spin on Gimmie More for a female quartet? No problem. How about an antiphonal double-ensemble composition for dueling trios, or a song for unaccompanied voice? We're stoked to meet you.