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Endeavor Harmony Chorus

Yes, we are serious about being good, but having fun too! Based in Sydney Australia, Endeavour Harmony Chorus is a multi-award winning, dynamic female

We strive to be the very best we can be. 

Maxx Factor

Description: "Queens of Harmony" 2011 Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champions...

Description: "Queens of Harmony" 2011 Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champions, 2009 National Harmony Sweepstakes Champs, Sing Off Season One Contestants, 2010 ACA winner for Favorite Barbe


A Cappella Group

Fling is a new and very excited Sweet Adelines quartet. We are members of High Country chorus. We are striving to push the boundaries of the norm for a Sweet Adeline quartet- we want to be great singers, entertainers and most of all be ourselves. Fling has the usual four members in their quartet. (Believe it or not people do ask how many in our quartet.) The group consists of two high school friends (Gail and Jamie) who attended Green Mountain High School and sang together in the women's audition chorus, Images.


A Cappella Group

METROPOLIS is dedicated to having fun through barbershop style music that is enjoyable for both the audience and the quartet. But mostly for the audience. Well, the quartet has their fair share, too. Of course, it's all a matter of taste. Which is not to insinuate that METROPOLIS has any. Taste, that is - they have plenty of fun.

Ambassadors of Harmony

A Cappella Group

The Ambassadors of Harmony is a world-class a cappella chorus of over one hundred men, headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri.