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Barry Carl: Heart Music

I’ve spent the last four years studying the neurobiology and emotional anatomy of human connection.  It has had a profound effect on my singing and also on my conception of my place in the Gra featureimage: 

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Theater Review: "Perfect Harmony" at The Acorn Theater, NYC

Before I say anything, I have to make some disclaimers.  I never cared much for either reviews or critics.  Critics, especially mean ones, are ancillary to the creative process.  The

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“5 Questions With” - Barry Carl, On Singing Alongside Will Ferrell In “The Other Guys”

Rockapella’s famed bass sings alongside Will Ferrell in “The Other Guys”

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Keeping Your Heart Connection

When singing becomes detached from its reason for existence, it no longer nourishes either the singer or the audience.   Historically, as in ‘from the dawn of time’, people have sung when emotions both good and bad grew too big for mere speech and then needed to be expressed in a form able to carry more emotional weight.  When a song becomes subordinate to a singer’s ego, when the singer doesn’t connect with either the words or dominant feeling of the song, then it’s just a whole lot of noise and no heart.  Virtuosic noise can be exciting, b