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Buck hard: People singing praises of OSU a capella group

Decked out in matching track jackets and their signature red Converse shoes, Buck That!, Ohio State's all-male a cappella group, has enjoyed success on the stage.

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ICCA Finals 2011 Wrap-Up

The International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella has become one of the most popular and widely known a cappella events in America, with groups from all over the world competing for the chanc

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Mid-Atlantic 2011 ICCA Semifinal Review

This past Friday, my alma mater group, The Binghamton Crosbys competed in the Mid-Atlantic 2011 Semifinals. I was there. I had a lot to say about what was going on.

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Concert Review: ICCA 2010 Finals

I never cease to be impressed by the talent that shows up each year at the ICCA finals.

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The Sing-Off: Lessons for ICCA and ICHSA Competitors

You're an aca head, so of course you watched The Sing-Off.  You laughed, you cried, you judged the judges. But were you taking notes for your own group??