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Dylan Bell on Wibi's 25th Anniversary, and the Toronto A Cappella Scene

Wibi, York University’s a cappella ensemble, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a big gala concert of groups present and past, all affiliated with Wibi i

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Deke and Dylan's Wisdom Distilled; A Review of A Cappella Arranging

Every writer has faced stumbling blocks: the threat of a blank page; the surfeit of inchoate ideas; the troublesome passage that resists clarity, even after its third reworking.

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“A Cappella Arranging” Is Finally Here!

“A Cappella Arranging” is finally here! featureimage: 

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Live Looping Blog Series: Perfecting Your Loopstation Performance

Part Five: Perfecting Your Loopstation Performance featureimage: 

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Live Looping Blog Series: Arranging for Loopstation

Part Four: Arranging for Loopstation featureimage: 

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