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Theta Music launches new online ear training games

This month, Tokyo-based company Theta Music launched a new website with a range of online ear training games, sure to be of interest to Easy Ear Training readers.

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RelativePitch in the iPhone App Directory

Our interval training app for iPhone, RelativePitch recently got a great review in the iPhone App Directory: (click to enlarge) The iPhone App Directory is published regularly by Imagine Publishi

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Mouth Off 10.24.10

Spotlight on HS group Eleventh Hour, UVA Sils on MTV nobigz, 5 Minutes with Jill Clark, amarcord scores all 5's on RARB, and a review of the House Jacks' newest (and best!) album.

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Music & Life: Rockin’ Rockabye Baby Lullabies

Before you rocked on your first guitar, jammed with your high school garage band, or sang your first tune, you had a passion for music.

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Mouth Off 10.17.10

Aca news, a great song suggestion, Rescue praise music, and the new album from Cadence!

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