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The Best Ear Training Method

Musicians want the best ear training method. The problem is they're asking the wrong questions. Here's how to find the perfect method for your ear training.

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The Art of Appreciating Accompaniment

When a musician picks up a piece of music for the first time, their eyes zero in on their own line, whether that's a vocal solo, clarinet solo, bagpipe solo, or choral octavo.

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Alternate Guitar Tunings: A Fresh New Sound

Alternate tunings can be an innovative way to overcome your guitar playing limitations and bring fresh energy to your playing. Discover the sounds here.

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The Practice Process: Your Map To Musical Success

Paul Harris is one of the UK's leading voices in music education. His new book, The Practice Process, revolutionises instrument practice for far better results.

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Even tiny steps can make you a stellar musician

As a musician, sometimes the famous stars can seem intimidating. Let them inspire you instead, and learn how every small step helps you become one yourself.

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