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"The Sing-Off" Season 2 Group Profiles

"The Sing-Off" season two begins Monday, December 6 on NBC. Ten amazing groups will compete for a Sony recording contract and cash prizes.

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Recording Review: "Voices Only 2010"

Upon hearing the opening of Aural Pleasure’s “Spotlight” (as well as most of the compilation), I’m immediately reminded of my intense distaste of the trend towards uber-effected & affected trac

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Get Fit: A Cappella Boot Camp!

Dave Brown and Freddie Feldman, with a combined 40+ years of a cappella performing, recording, and coaching experience, now bring you A cappella Boot Camp!A Cappella Boot Ca

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Contemporary A Cappella League Spotlight: Restated

Restated (formerly The Red States) (2010 A Cappella Community Award winners for Favorite Contemporary A Cappella League group) officially began in Septemb

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A Cappella Origins: An Interview With Wes Carroll

I had the exquisite pleasure of speaking to Mr. Mouthdrumming himself, Wes Carroll.