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The Sing Off, season 1 (Dec 14, 15, 16 & 21)

As I've been fairly steeped in the contemporary a-cappella scene since college (and

American Idol, episode 8-40 (May 20): final results (season finale)

[There is a LOT missing here, but I'm posting now in the interest of timeliness. I promise I'll clean it up and fill it out later this week.]

episode 8-38 (May 13): Top 3 results

The Ford video, as usual, sounds lifeless. You'd think with three solid singers left on the show, they'd be wailing on a rocker, or singing three-part harmony on a smooth R&B jam.

episode 8-37 (May 12): Top 3 performances

And this... is a sham without Allison. Six days later, I'm still shocked that Kris is about to perform for America to prove his worthiness and not her.

episode 8-36 (May 6): Top 4 results

In the intro video, Kris says "I'm ready to rock!" This reminds me of the episode of King of the Hill, when Chuck Mangione comes to play on Arlen's town green, and Chuck says to the cro