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A decade of song: 10 years in, Noteworthy is hitting its stride

Provo's Covey Center for the Arts auditorium has a pretty big stage -- certainly more than enough room for the nine current members of Noteworthy, BYU's all-girl a cappella group.

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A capella group's appeal capped after miscalculation

The Student Government Association granted Noteworthy, an on-campus a capella group, $1,437.08 on Tuesday to record its second album, a significant decrease to the $4,

5th Judge - The Sing Off, season 1

[At the request of CASA's editor, I'm cutting-and-pasting my one-off blog regarding The Sing Off.

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The Sing Off: first glimpses, and reactions!

At last, video previews of The Sing Off! http://www.nbc.com/sing-off/video/

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"The Sing-Off" Group Profiles: BYU Noteworthy

NBC’s “The Sing-Off” is a television first: a 4-night-only event that pits 8 a cappella groups of