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Recording Review: "Breakdown!" by Ithacappella

Once you spend a good while in the a cappella scene, you start to recognize some names – Tat Tong, Bill Hare, Ed Boyer, Dave Baumgartner, etc. Of course there are groups that do the same thing.

To showchoir... or not to showchoir. Well, a cappella ain't showchoir... K?

In live performance of a cappella, it’s just as important for a group to keep the audience interested visually as it is for them to keep the audience interested aurally.  Visuals go a long way

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Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Hosts Kings of GLEE-on Singing Competition

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is holding a Kings of GLEE-on singing competition that could send you to LA, NY and Chicago to see Glee Live in concert.

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Recording Review: Rutgers ShockWave's "Breakthrough"

ShockWave is an all-female group from Rutgers University.  With their latest album, Breakthrough, they are truly beginning to bre

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Jared Allen on Singing With Soul

What is the difference between a good voice and an extraordinary voice?