The Stereotypes Take The First Acapellafest Collegiate Competition

There's something aesthetically pleasing about a bunch of well dressed men in colored ties, singing in perfect harmony.

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Event Review – AcappellaFest – Workshops Edition

After a week to reflect on the incredible event that was AcappellaFest, here I finally write a promised review.

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"5 Questions With..." Jeff Swearingen, co-executive producer of AcappellaFest

1. Tell us how AcappellaFest got started. Where did you get the idea, who else did you collaborate with, how long did it take to fully come to fruition?

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A Cappella Originals: Episode #22

Up now! http://acappellaoriginals.libsyn.com/ Music from Eclipse, Australian awesome group Suade, and German singermeisters Maybebop.