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How to Get on "The Sing-Off" Next Year

Although groups may not be announced until October by NBC, groups are just now being decided for season two of The Sing-Off, with taping happening in August.

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"The Sing-Off" Audition Experience, Second Time Around

If you haven't heard of the Sing-Off, just leave right now. Seriously, go away, go to Hulu, go to NBC.com, go anywhere and go watch the show.

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Ode to Joy: 'Sing-Off' Gets NBC Encore

Hey, "Sing-Off" fans -- don't worry, be happy: Your show is coming back.

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Bobby McFerrin and his "VOCAbuLarieS": An Interview

If you missed Bobby McFerrin’s appearance on “The Sing-Off”, do yourself a favor and watch it now.

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Exclusive: NBC Readying a Second Season of 'The Sing-Off'

NBC is tuning up a second season of "The Sing-Off."