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Overboard Headlines The Me&Thee, February 13

By Kathy Sands-Boehmer

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Thinking Inside The Box (A Little Bit)

Late last year, I wrote about the need to think outside the box when choosing a cappella repertoire, and I suggested groups stay away from the songs featureimage: 

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The Sing-Off Season 4: Who Will Be On?

by Amy Malkoff and Andrea Asuaje

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A Capella, Overboard and Over Here

A Capella means “in the manner of church” because it’s bare-bones vocal music that can be assembled wherever needed, so of course it makes perfect sense that a capella groups are some of the most

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An Amazing A Cappella Performance

Westwood's Summer Concert Series continued Monday night with a performance by Overboard, a Boston based a cappella quintet that played a variety of classic rock tunes.