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Concert Review: Hyannis Sound 20th Anniversary

Saturday, August 2nd marked the annual Hyannis Sound alumni reunion concert in Barnstable, MA.

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Hyannis Sound 20th Anniversary: Where are they now?

This summer marks the 20 year anniversary of the inception of the Hyannis Sound.

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Recording Review: Hyannis Sound's “On The Clock”

I will start this review by stating that if you are interested in a cappella, music, or simply joy in the slightest bit, that you need to order this album immediately.  Then when the first track picks up speed at about thirty seconds in, try not to squeal in excitement like a thirteen year old girl at a Jonas Brothers concert.  Inside of their cleverly designed album cover, you will find a plethora of some of the best arranging, intonation, and soloists that really make you stand up and take notice.

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Where the Songs Have No Gear: A Cappella U2

U2 SEEMS LIKE a group whose music would not work without instruments; the Edge's guitar playing is such a distinctive part of their sound that it seems foolhardy to cover a U2 song without it. Still, the songs of this Irish quartet are a favorite among a cappella groups, and of those who have attempted covers, many have pulled off the effort successfully. They might not have Bono's striking and dramatic individual voice, but collectively these singers create the sweetest thing.