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The Los Angeles A Cappella Festival 2010

[ January 30, 2010 | UCLA ] Visit sunny, southern California to learn, sing, meet new friends, and make lasting connections.  We can’t guarantee balmy weather, but we can offer some of the best a cappella music and instruction on the planet!  The Los Angeles A Cappella Festival is a fast, fun way to bring your group to the next level. featureimage: 

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Sonos sextet brings a new twist to a cappella

They aren’t your average barbershop quartet. Neither are they your nostalgic doo-woppers, your familiar church madrigal choir or your typical fresh-faced collegiate chorus. The six-voice Sonos elevates a cappella to a new level of musical sophistication, reinterpreting contemporary artists from Bjork to Radiohead with a sound that is bold, fresh, richly textured and subtly sensual.

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Concert Review: Sonos at Jammin' Java

Early October 09, to a packed house at Jammin' Java, the announcer grabbed the mic, and with a few quick words, an eruption of sound filled the air.  Six people, fresh from the left coast, took the stage.  Checking their pedals and their mics, they blew the pitch, and the night had begun.

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Performance Review: Sonos, Live In Seattle

I just saw Sonos live at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center in Seattle. I haven't heard anything Sonos has recorded yet - just lots of good chatter from friends like local music blog Comfort Music, who did an extensive interview with Sonos last week before the group made the trek up north to the Pacific Northwest to perform. So nowhere in this blog will you find a comparison to their CD. featureimage: