5th Judge: The Sing-Off, Episode 3-4 (Oct. 10): round 2, bracket 2 (2nd hour)

At the top of the second hour of this episode that was taped back in July, long before any of the new fall shows premiered, Nick Lachey cross-promotes by saying he's wearing a "swanky suit [he] bor

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, episode 3-4 (Oct. 10): round 2, bracket 2 (1st hour)

As soon as we see the absurd set for the opening number, Samantha says "Remember that episode of Family Guy where Stewie runs away

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, episode 3-2 (Sept. 26), 1st hour: round 1, bracket 3

After last week, my hopes are high. Again, I'm assuming the Fannin Family were a giltch in the producers' approach to casting.

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Ben McClain and his a cappella group Sonos will compete for $100,000 and a recording deal.

It’s a little hard to believe, but Ben McLain says that when he arrived at the

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SONOS: The Super-Heroes Of A Cappella

If there were any justice in the world, if I had any artistic talent at all, this article wouldn’t be an article. It would be a comic book.