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Tales From the Spit- Random Ramblings, The Sing-Off, A Cappella Education Association

The snow has started falling here in NY State and I thought it was time to play catch up here on my blog.

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The Persuasive Empowerment of Positive Opinion

The Persuasive Empowerment of Positive Opinion (How To Be An Inspirational and Professional Coach/Critic/Judge) featureimage: 

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"The Sing-Off" Added to Regular NBC Fall Schedule

"...And The Sing-Off was this little gem gestating in December, and it saw growth last year despite no promotion and no marketing.

5th Judge - The Sing-Off, episode 2-1 (Dec. 6)

This blog will be simulcast (simulblogged?) at www.5thjudge.com and at www.casa.org.