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A funny thing happened

Fans of the ABC (formerly NBC) sitcom “Scrubs’’ have long been hip to “Ted’s Band.’’ The goofy a cappella quartet headed by oft-flummoxed attorney Ted Buckland (Sam Lloyd) frequently shows up to en

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The Sing Off: Burning questions

(and by burning questions, I mean: questions that probably only I care about) Who is the demographic they are trying to reach with this show?

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Improv Supports A Cappella

The San Jose Improv recently had The Blanks from Scrubs perfrom at the club and the event was a great success.  Because of the success of this show we are going to attempt to put on another a cappella show at the San Jose Improv.  We are looking to have another show on 12/23 and post it as a Christmas show - if there are any groups out there would like to perform on this show please forward a clip of your group performing and your rate and I will get back to you right away.

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"Scrubs'" The Blanks Appear Live In San Jose

If you’re like me, and you’re a regular viewer of the ABC comedy, “Scrubs,” then you’ve probably noted with some interest whenever the nebbishy hospital counsel, Ted, turns up with his band – sort of a barbershop quartet on MDMA.  You may have even thought (as I have), “Wow, those guys are pretty good… I wonder if they actually perform outside of this TV show?”