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Audio Set Up

Hello All,

Man versus Microphone – In Search of the Perfect Sound

Ever had a bad gig not because your group sounded bad, but because the sound engineer had the levels all tweaked out? Or there was ongoing low frequency feedback? How about when your duet mic is three times louder than the solo mic? Let me guess, you can probably think of ten other scenarios right now where a good performance was compromised because of some kind of sound amplification problem.

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Effects In Live Sound: Progress or Hindrance?

In the past ten years or so, there have been giant steps taken in technology that directly affect a cappella music. Lots of people have been involved in the debate over production styles on albums, but all contrasting views aside, there is no denying that the things that can be done with vocals these days are unlike anything ever imagined. What many groups don’t know, but absolutely should, is that this technology isn’t limited to prerecorded material. Ever wish your background could sound fuller in performance? Wish your basses could bump a little harder?