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Newbie Alert

Well, I'm pretty new here. I was up all night reading Deke's blog posts and commenting on the ones I had something to say about.

5th Judge - The Sing Off, season 1

[At the request of CASA's editor, I'm cutting-and-pasting my one-off blog regarding The Sing Off.

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The Sing Off: Burning questions

(and by burning questions, I mean: questions that probably only I care about) Who is the demographic they are trying to reach with this show?

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The Sing Off: Casting a Wide Net

When moosebutter went into the audition room this past Saturday, auditioning for The Sing Off in Los Angeles, we were in with an Oregon college group, a smooth, old-school quartet of old African-American men, and a couple of groups called m*pact and Mosaic.  featureimage: 

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NBC's "Sing Off" Seeking Groups - Auditions Coming Up!

NBC and Sony Pictures Television and Executive Producer Joel Gallen present The Sing Off: The Ultimate A Cappella Competition Show