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'The Sing Off' Recap: A Little Bit of Country, A Little Bit of Rock & Roll

This week's episode of the Sing Off has taught us that, if we were sad to see groups leave before, every remaining episode is bound to be a sobfest.

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'The Sing Off' Recap: Cause You Can’t, Won’t, and Don’t Stop on 'Hip-Hop Hits' Night

It was "Hip-Hop Hits" this week on The Sing Off, and the theme for the evening was clear from the get-go: Hip-hop is not what we do (unless you're in Urban Method, in whi

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, Episode 3-3 (Oct. 3): Round 2, Bracket 1 (2nd Hour)

The second hour of episode 3 starts off with an unusually long video package, at first featuring the performers saying various things about the music of the 1960's (some of it genuinely funny) and featureimage: 

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, episode 3-3 (Oct. 3): round 2, bracket 1 (1st hour)

The contest gets marginally less arbitrary this week, as the remaining twelve, originally from four brackets of four groups each, are, um, split in two brackets of six groups each.  I think.