Executive Producers: Kevin Badanes and Tye Tavaras


SoJam is an all-weekend vocal music festival held annually in November in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. The event was created by Dave Sperandio in 2003 as one of two major initiatives for the Alliance for A Cappella Initiatives (AACI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of vocal music as an art form and cultural phenomenon. The initial purpose of SoJam was twofold: to bring the best of the a cappella world to the Southeastern and Midatlantic United States and to foster unity and synergy between scholastic and professional groups in these regions.

Over the past years, the festival has grown from a small-scale, local a cappella competition into an international gathering of some of the a cappella community's greatest and most influential artists, producers, and performing groups. Past performances include: Naturally 7, Fork, The House Jacks, Andrew Chaikin (Kid Beyond), and Duwende. SoJam has brought together these incredible acts with high school and collegiate groups and allowed them to share their ideas and experiences in vocal music with one another.

For scholastic groups, the festival provides an opportunity to compete for unique and fantastic prizes; on-site training, information, and instruction for both new and well-established groups; and a mind-blowing, awe-inducing spectacle of professional a cappella talent. For professional groups, SoJam is perhaps the ideal way for talented performers and clinicians to showcase their expertise, both through classroom instruction and on-stage performance. The festival has also drawn in and amazed thousands of people with no prior exposure to a cappella music. Educational, challenging, and inspiring, SoJam is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression upon anyone who attends.

In 2008 the AACI merged with CASA in order to increase both organizations' ability to cultivate growth, unification, and support between a cappella groups from around the world. Be sure to check the event's website ( for more information on this year's gathering.

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