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DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION Friday, October 9 at 11:59PM PST

Eligibility: Any track that is produced after September 1, 2014

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sing is an all-vocal compilation album founded in the spirit of unifying collegiate and professional a cappella groups. The series began in 2004 when Dave Sperandio, founder of the Alliance for A Cappella Initiatives (AACI), created it as one of the organization's primary initiatives. Once smaller in its scope, the sing series has quickly developed into a yearly collection of some of the world's finest and most diverse vocal music. In addition to collegiate and professional groups from the United States, the albums now feature talent from high schools across the country and internationally acclaimed professional a cappella troupes.

sing was created to showcase a slice of the best of contemporary a cappella to both the existing vocal music establishment and the a cappella virgin masses. The purpose of the compilation is to give talented groups and individuals an opportunity to be heard on a worldwide stage by placing their music alongside some of the biggest names in the a cappella universe. As the compilation has grown, the series has begun to thrive on choosing groups and tracks that stretch the limits of the genre, including groundbreaking original music from some of the hottest new stars. In listening to any sing album, our hope is that each listener will appreciate the growing creativity of the a cappella art form and will be challenged and even inspired to bring this ingenuity into their own local spheres of vocal performance.

Now an eagerly anticipated annual phenomenon, the sing series boasts multiple installments, each album filled with innovative, exceptional tracks that display the versatile power of the human voice. The compilation's most recent volume, sing 11: One Louder, features 20 songs on the album and 3-track bonus EP. 

Tracks for the sing compilation are chosen annually during the fall by an international panel of committee members. 

Check out the tracklists from all installments of the sing series here.

As a service to you, your music can also be submitted to the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards. It is one of the highest honors in a cappella and vocal music.

Submit to this year's CARAs/sing DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS Friday, October 9 at 11:59PM PST

CASA Members can download the album for free.



sing cover

sing 11: One Louder
released in 2014


sing 10: neon
released in 2013

sing 9: Supernovem
released in 2012

sing 8: Too Cubed
released in 2011

sing 7: Lucky
released in 2010

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sing 6: sunny side up
released in 2009

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sing 5: Groovus
released in 2008

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sing 4: Good Medicine
released in 2007

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sing 3: Mélange à Trois
released in 2006

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sing 2: Eclectic Boogaloo
released in 2005

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sing: A Vocal Explosion
released in 2004

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