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Please join us in congratulating the groups that have been chosen for the 8th installment of the Sing compilation. We had a record number of applicants and we are incredibly excited about the results!

Remember: a very small number of physical albums will be for sale at SoJam in Durham, NC November 11-13. Digital sales will begin on Tuesday, November 14 in most digital marketplaces. HOWEVER: all current CASA members will be able to download Sing 8 FOR FREE! So remember to renew your membership now and get the album of the year completely free with your membership.

Sing 8 Team

Executive Producer: Julia Hoffman
Producers: Jon Pilat, Thomas "TeKay" King, Matt Emery
Design donated by: Benjy Rose
Mastering donated by: Bill Hare Productions

Sing 8: Too Cubed

1. Kings and Queens by The Tufts Beelzebubs from the album BATTLE
It's time for another musical journey. Buckle up.

2. Break Anotha by Redline from the album Inbound
Proof positive: the Redline guys are red hot.

3. 22 by Tufts sQ! from the album Windows Down
Top 40 ain't got nuttin' on this jam.

4. Settle Down by The Wheeler School's The 18 Wheelers from the album Play it Coy
Go ahead. Gyrate those hips.

5. With Love Baby by Witloof Bay from the album With Love Baby
Withlove says to do it wit loof. No, wait.

6. All of the Lights (Clean) by Plaid Productions
Conclusive evidence that CASA festivals are not to be missed.

7. Free by The Boxettes from the album Boxettes EP
Female lip buzz. Mmmm......

8. My Funny Valentine by Vocado from the album Northern Lights
Simply lush; simply sonic; simply captivating

9. Sharp by U of Chicago Voices in Your Head from the album I Used to Live Alone
Best. Syllables. Ever.

10. In Vernalis by Postyr from the album Postyr Project
Ambition and innovation: hallmarks of vocal music.

11. Witzig by Maybebop from the album Extrem nah dran
...and now for something completely different!

12. Toxic by Overboard
A tune like this should wear a warning.

13. Phoenix by Brandeis VoiceMale
Dark demise blossoms into dazzling rebirth.

14. Cosmic Love by The Cornell Chordials from the album Pulse
Wild abandon takes to the stars.

15. Uninvited by Rutgers ShockWave
A soul-shattering GTFO if there ever was one.

16. *** by Duke Out of the Blue from the album Still Point
Beneath this vague title lie volumes of beauty.

17. Sleepwalking by Peter Hollens
One guy? One voice? Color us impressed.

18. Libertango by The Swingle Singers
That classical a cappella fix you needed, and then some.

19. Ruled by Secrecy by UCLA Bruin Harmony from the album No More Bets
Oh, we hear it, too. Consider it a challenge.