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CASA is proud to offer sing 14: CONTINUUM, the latest installment in the critically acclaimed sing series, as a free digital download to CASA members. (Check out the tracklist here!) To download the album, please follow these three steps:

Step 1: If you are not a full CASA member, please register or upgrade your account at casa.org/individual_membership. Then make sure you are properly logged into the website.

Step 2: Click buy album below (it will only be there if you have a paid membership AND are logged in). Each member only has one attempt to download the album so make sure that your computer isn't in the middle of doing a ton of other activities. The total download is around 200 MB and includes cover art and a digital booklet.

Step 3: Enjoy listening to one of the best a cappella albums of the year. Keep in mind that this copy is for personal use only. Please do not share it. For security purposes, the files are watermarked with your username.

Sing Album Downloads
sing 14: CONTINUUM


Eh? by BeWise!
Check out STEP 1 by CASAadmin

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