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Morning warmups led by Bodil Lunde Rørtveit of Apes & Babes started at 9AM
in the hotel conference room where we also had last night's opening concert.  
We will see the main stage for the first time tonight.

If this is the board for the small makeshift opening stage, I'm looking forward to seeing what's in the main hall!

The only other American here besides myself is Jake Moutlon, of the House Jacks (formerly with M-Pact),
shown here dazzling the workshop attendees with his scary talent.  

Jim Daus Hjernøe teaches a workshop simply called "Groove".  No other explanation needed!

The headliner for the next AAVF in Denmark (see my previous reports from the last two incarnations) was
announced today - and what a headliner!  Get your tickets...

Stepped outside into the crisp (but not *too* cold) Trondheim air to get this street scene.

A truly international lunch summit with Håvard Gravdal (Pust, Norway),
Katarina Henryson and Anders Edenroth (The Real Group, Sweden) and
Jake Moulton (The House Jacks, USA)!

Some things are always the same no matter what country you're in - everyone needs their cup o' Joe, and are always looking for that perfect Bass!

First view of the main stage!

Yeah, that'll do.  Sound and lighting was awesome.

Pitsj takes the stage.  Amazing arrangements with soaring, perfect vocals
that locked onto every complex chord.

One thing I've noticed in Europe over the years is the complete absence of pitch pipes.
A tuning fork is standard cleavage wear in ladies dresses over here.

Cosmos.  Unreal.  Last time I saw them I wasn't prepared, and it was the best A Cappella
experience I ever had.  This time I thought I was prepared but they did it to me again.
Tonight now becomes the best A Cappella experience I've ever had...
Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SreKyBhLSDU

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