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In a recent interview, I was asked "Has anything really weird happened to you on stage?"  I initially answered with a stock platitude... the life of a performer is always unpredictable, weird things happen every show, blah blah... and I didn't think about for a few days, but then, suddenly, I started remembering... stuff.  WEIRD stuff.

On moosebutter's very first extended tour, we were singing in a Borders Bookstore in a mall in Colorado Springs, CO.  The cafe/performance area was right next to the escalator up/down to the second floor.  We're mid-song, singing away, when from the second level, slowly and serenely, down the escalator descends a person in a gorilla suit.  One by one the singers notice and just... stop singing.  Gorilla gets to the bottom, turns and waves, and walks out of the store.  

Have you ever had anything just plain WEIRD happen to  you while performing?  What?  When?  Where?  I'm not talking about embarrassing things, like mistaking an audience member for the wrong gender (I do that ALL THE TIME).  Not tech problems, or injuries, or even funny stuff... unless it's WEIRD.  Reality-bending.  Makes everyone stop and wonder what is HAPPENING.

At another moosebutter show, in the middle of one of our rare HEY WE'RE ACTUALLY ROCKING THIS MUSIC moments, one of us grabbed one of the standard-issue white moosebutter sweatbands off a head and, in a grand gesture, hurled it into the air.  AND IT DIDN'T COME DOWN.  It just disappeared.  The audience erupted because they thought it was the coolest trick they had ever seen, but we the singers were totally stunned.  Where did that thing go?  We were shocked into silence and just stood around for a moment, silent, looking at each other.  Whuuu???

We eventually found the sweatband caught on some stage rigging overhead, but the weirdness of the moment during the performance was so wild it actually caused a physical sensation akin to vertigo, like someone is bending the physical laws of the Matrix; we're left standing around saying, "Woah."

Your turn.  Tell us, in the comments below, your encounters with the weird.  Stage weird.