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The Back Row starts off by planting its flag in Boy Band Land with a dead serious cover of ‘NSync’s “I Want You Back.” It’s delivered with such contagious energy that one cannot help but imagine the appropriate accompanying dance moves. This must have been the intended effect. “What a Feeling” and other later tracks are no less electronic and though other genres are attempted by the Back Row, the production puts an electronic glean over all the tracks. Once a group has decided to go this route, boy band is good match of genre to production. For fans of Boston powerhouse and indie success, Ball In the House, Back Row may fit nicely in your collection, less BiTH’s originality, as Back Row is still a cover band.

It’s not a perfect release, but most issues are limited in scope. Some examples: Some seriously awkward rushing on the high whistling guitar descant in “Separate Ways”. It’s so off that I have to wonder whether the issue was how the line was performed or the cumulative unintentional delay of a series of electronic effects (sometimes called latency). At any rate, it yanks the listener out of an otherwise rockin’ tune. The occasional goofiness in “Sexyback” strained credibility –which probably works pretty well live, but makes the track get old faster. “Dani California” has an odd hissiness which could be an effects choice but which was nonetheless distracting to listen to. Some of the backups and even lead pitch correction on the Rascal Flats cover “What Hurts the Most” were a little too electronic for a song that seemed to insist on a more natural sounding delivery. Also, there’s another odd descant, (a whistle again, actually) at about 1:25 seconds or so into “I Want You Back” which just sounds wrong. This again, may very well have been fully intentional, but for whatever reason, after multiple listens, it still sounds jarring to me.

But these are just a few nitpicky issues in an otherwise fun listen. The Back Row’s “After This I’ll Show You My Rock Collection” is a pop bull’s eye that’s sure to please their fans.