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And to make your experience complete, I’ve suggested an album by each group along with a cocktail to make your experience complete (be sure to drink, and listen, responsibly):

• Visit Brazil with BR6 and their new release “Gershwin and Jobim, Here to Stay:”

What can I say about this fantastic CARA winning group other than this new release is in constant rotation in my CD player, and that I secretly want to trade lives with them so that I can sing Bossanova and drink caipirinhas all day. And night.

• Skip down to Cuba for a mojito with Vocal Sampling:

Boasting perhaps the most explosive, danceable sound in all of a cappella, this phenomenal sextet sings (and claves - with their hands) up a storm with a backbeat that makes you want to dance. Their debut, “Una Forma Mas” remains my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any of their albums.

• Unwind in the soft Polynesian breeze, serenaded by the Tahitian Choir:

If you’re a fan of the “mysterious” Bulgarian women’s choir recordings, you’ll love the sound of this traditional ensemble. And although it was created by the legendary “Trader Vic” at Hinky Dinks’ in Berkeley, CA, I’m gonna suggest a mai tai. Because they’re good. And they remind me of Polynesia. Or perhaps a pina colada, if you like getting caught in the rain. Or if you’re a traditionalist I guess you can make a fermented taro paste drink.

• Lounge in Cinque Terra, Italia with Tenores di Bitti:

Unlike the Three Tenors, these guys deliver an invigorating dose of throat singing ala Sardinia. Unusual and very cool. Check out “Ammentos.” And how about a nice red wine from Valpolicella?

• Play Sun City with the soothing sounds of Ladysmith Black Mambazo:

Cool as a peppermint candy and rich as a chocolate cake, Ladysmith’s sound is the perfect way to end the perfect day. I recommend their album “Favourites” to be paired with your favorite digestif. I’m gonna reach for a good sauternes.

All CDs are available at a-cappella.com.

Do you have any suggestions for the perfect summer a cappella album? Do tell...