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1) Timeless. I'm not kidding when I suggest that your group will hopefully be going 30 years from now, perhaps long after you're not associated with it. Do you think the King’s Singers planned to have their little college group become an international phenomenon?

2) Not "punny." Too many a cappella names play on a turn of phrase that's humorous to some but sends others running for the exits. If you want to have any coolness factor, stay away from puns.

Yeah, I know. Not all of you agree. There seem to be more groups named “Nothing but Treble” than Canadian Provinces. Hardy har har.

3) Unique. Make sure no one else is using the name in the a cappella community or in your area. A couple web searches (acapedia, google) and a look through the local yellow pages should do the trick (don't forget that it might not be a vocal group that uses the name: "Michigan Mix" could be a concrete company...)

4) Trips off the tongue.

5) Web address available. It's great to be able to say "check us out on rockapella.com" and not so great to have to say “find us on rockapella-band.net”

6) People know how to spell it when you say it. As much as they were a great group, +4Db could have been spelled "Plus Four Dee Bee" or a myriad of other ways. Makes it hard to find them online, via phone information, etc.

7) You like it. Probably goes with out saying, right?

8) Other people like it. Make sure to bounce it off a number of your peers/cohorts/family members before making the plunge. If they give it a thumbs up, chances are you will too.

9) Stays away from controversial topics: race, religion, etc. You're going to have a hard time spreading harmony through harmony if your name rubs some people the wrong way, or keeps them from being interested in your shows.

10) Avoids mentioning a style unless you're absolutely certain you want to focus primarily on that style. The Gospeltones are going to primarily draw from a specific fan base who will be expecting a certain type of music.

11) Regional. Something that mentions your area, if you're hoping to become ambassadors for your area and well known within it, but not tour the nation or the world (e.g. if you’re creating a community chorus). "Deltacappella" for a group in Memphis TN is perfecto. Another option: Using your region before/within your group name, as in Marin Harmony or New York Voices.

Any other thoughts as to what makes a good name?