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Local singer Vanessa Fernandez (fromer lead singer of Urban Xchange and Parking Lot Pimp) will be perfoming a solo set with friends at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre on Friday 13 August from 10:30 - 11:15pm. Budak Pantai will be performing one song with her. If you're keen, do go over to the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre (the stage facing the waterfront) and enjoy the music.

Vanessa Fernandez
13 August (Friday)
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

SONG SET (for your eyes only)

  1. Billie Jean (with Leslie Tan)
  2. Somebody to Love
  3. I Gotta Feeling (with Budak Pantai)
  4. Love Me Crazy
  5. Not Your Bitch
  6. Waterfalls
  7. Broken Strings (with Alicia Pan)
  8. Empire State of Mind (with Alicia Pan & Mark Bonafide

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