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Sing Six: Sunny Side Up, the most recent addition to the award-wining compilation series, has just been reviewed by the Recorded A Cappella Review Board. So what did the RARB reviewers think?

"Sing Six: Sunny Side up should come with a warning label. "WARNING: This album will induce the purchase of numerous albums represented within." You will want to hear more from every group on this disc."

"I mean, what exactly did you expect from a compilation album of the best a cappella music of the year? Sing Six: Sunny Side Up is a phenomenal listen, with tremendous diversity in styles and groups."

"Nothing on this album disappoints. If you haven't already picked it up, I have some advice: pick it up."

Check out the full RARB review here. Sing Six: Sunny Side Up is a free download for CASA members and includes three bonus tracks and a digital booklet. If you're not already a CASA member, let this amazing album be the bridge into the world's most vibrant a cappella community.

Want to get this album in front of "non-a cappella" friends? You can gift this album to them in iTunes. Just select the arrow next to the price tag of the full album or any individual song.