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Soon, students will be back in school and getting their groups back together. Groups of all kinds are getting ready for concerts and competitions. Everyone is "Glee"-ful about getting "The Sing"-ing "Off" to a great start. As the summer winds down, CASAcademy revs up with the materials you need to make the most of the fall. In August, we focus on getting things going: how to run auditions and how to develop your group's repertoire, with a bonus booklet on how to listen to the music we love so much.

CASAcademy: Manage! Auditions (Greg Baird)

So you want to find a singer (or two). It’s time to hold auditions (again), but where do you find the people? How do you determine whom to hire, what to look for, and what they can do? This booklet explores how to get the most out of your audition process, improving your group and your fans’ experience.

CASAcademy: Manage! Repertoire (Deke Sharon)

Your repertoire is your kit bag, your backpack, your mommy purse. You want to be able to burst into song at a moment’s notice, be it serenading the bride at a wedding reception, or impressing a diverse crowd during an impromptu street corner performance. But how to be prepared for anything? 

CASAcademy: Explore! Essential Listening (Benjamin Stevens) [Coming Mid-August]

What is there to listen to, how might we listen to it, and why? The Essential Listening series explores what it means to respond to music critically, from historical, formal, and personal perspectives, aiming at a critical and creative approach to understanding a cappella music.