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This is a terrible shame. Collegiate a cappella isn’t for everyone, but those of who love it don’t stop wanting to sing upon graduation.

So, I got to thinking: we’ve got to find a way to keep these people singing. Something they can do in the evening and on the occasional weekend to fit around their day job. Not a professional group. Something similar to their current college experience: high quality and lots of fun.

A couple meetings and a few discussions later, and I’m ready to announce:

The Contemporary A Cappella League!

Imagine a network of excellent (audition only) a cappella ensembles (12-20 members) singing a variety of music (with an emphasis on contemporary songs). No one member has to attend every single rehearsal and concert (life happens), and should any need to move on there will be an eager slew of young grads moving to town in the summer.

Groups will exist in a community (often a major city) and become known in their area. Performing the National Anthem at sporting events, appearances at street fairs, parades, farmer’s markets, etc. will help build a name, and then eventually they’ll spring up on radio morning shows, local TV, and so on.

All that publicity will help drive interest in hiring the group for private parties, company events, etc. As each group’s reputation and quality increases, so will their fee.

Groups might travel a couple times a year, most importantly to an a cappella event (like the Summit) where they can receive coaching from a well-known acappella artist, a chance to perform for others, and a chance to attend variety of workshops and concerts. we (CASA) will be actively working to create opportunities for these groups, as well as providing ongoing help.

In addition, CASA will provide a central meeting place online for all league directors/leaders, sponsor annual retreats, provide a place online to list your group and network (the acapedia) and generally serve as a source of information and help whenever needed.

The first step is going on right now: identifying the right people to start the initial “franchises.” Charismatic, driven directors who can rally talented singers in their area and get the ball rolling.

This summer I’ll be leading the first director’s retreat, with plans to have these directors hold their first auditions in the early fall.

To this end, I need your help.

If you know of someone who might be interested in starting a new a cappella ensemble in their area, please have them drop me a line. The application process is underway, and the top directors will attend this summer’s retreat free of charge.

With a little luck and some elbow grease, a couple years from now graduating college singers will know exactly what they’re going to do upon graduation:

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