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Hello everyone!

Are you an undergraduate student at Michigan State University? Do you have a friend/relative/significant other that attends undergraduate school at MSU? Most importantly, can you or that friend/relative/sigificant other sing? If you replied "yes" to these questions, then you are in luck!

Capital Green, MSU's oldest co-ed a cappella group, is having AUDITIONS in September 2010! We are looking for every voice part, but we are in need of TENORS! The requirements/expectations for our audition:

1) You must be an undergraduate student at Michigan State. Sorry grad/law/med students :(

2) Sing a verse and chorus of a song that best showcases your voice.

3) You'll typically be asked to sing a couple of scales, just so we can get an idea of your range.

4) If you can beatbox or rap....SWEET. Show us!

5) If you make the group, you must have your schedule free on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. This is when we have our normal practices. During competitions and concerts, we usually increase the number of practices per week leading up to those dates, but we make sure we discuss this with the entire group so that personal schedules/academia won't be comprimised.

6) We want to see your personality in the audition, so with that said.....take a deep breath. Relax. Have fun! And be memorable!

Visit our website at http://msucapitalgreen.com/ or friend us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/capgreen?ref=ts for more information regarding audtions, history, repertoire, group member bios, etc.  If you still aren't satifised or if you have more questions, email us at capitalgreen@gmail.com

We are so pumped for this year! Good luck and GO GREEN!