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3) Wes Carroll teaches you how to sound like a drum instead of a Turret’s sufferer; you joyfully spit on your friends and they love you for it.

4) Bill Hare, Freddie Feldman and Jonathan Minkoff save you so much time and money in the studio you throw wads of cash at them in gratitude.

5) Briana Thibeau, Esq. explains the legal rights you and your group absolutely need to know.

6) You finally get to ask some of those RARB reviewers what on Earth they were thinking when they reviewed that last CD and how your next CD can sweep the coveted perfect 5s.

7) Blue Jupiter gives a performance so hot, that you consider leaving your SO and following them around on their world tour.

8) Diana Preisler calls on her Broadway experience to enhance your stage presence and you believe everything she says because you’ve heard her voice on so many commercial voiceovers that you’re conditioned to obey.

9) Professor Jeremy Ragsdale teaches you the mysterious language of scat and you become so fluent you decide to abandon English.

10) Your ticket only costs a paltry 40 dollars for the whole weekend and all proceeds go to charity: promoting the art of a cappella and helping a young man in his battle against cancer. You sleep well knowing you did so much good and had so much fun at the same time.

11) You realize that organizing things in groups of ten isn’t all its cracked up to be, and return to the reverie of your once-in-lifetime memories from the 2007 Summit.