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And Sean Altman left Rockapella to make a big splash with his guitar rock, and next thing you know he’s on cable singing with the Groovebarbers about nasal spray that cures impotence or something.

But there are a couple shining stars that have left a cappella after making an enormous impact on the form that just haven’t returned. I say it’s about time, and I’m willing to leave threatening messages on their phone machines until they do.

Gunnar Madsen: a large part of the Bobs original formula of inspired creativity coupled with clever chaos, Gunnar left the Bobs over a decade ago because the touring was too much for him. Since then he has released kids albums, recorded award-winning chamber music, and even sung the voice of Sammy Davis Jr. in a highly lauded miniseries. It’s time for an a cappella solo album ala Gunnar.

Mervyn Warren: a driving force behind Take 6’s first two albums, Mervyn left the group for the bright lights of Hollywood and the big time. He had a modest chart hit with a girl group singing his ‘You Don’t Know Nothin’” and spent some time working with Quincy Jones, most notably on the Handel Messiah re-imagining “A Soulful Celebration.” Since then it’s been silver screen work, with arrangements and production credits on movies such as “The Preacher’s Wife,” “The Wedding Planner” and most recently “Dreamgirls.” Not a shabby resume, but none of it pioneering along the lines of his work with Take 6. How about returning to a cappella arranging, Mervyn?

Todd Rundgren: It appeared initially to just be a short pit stop on his varied career, and yet 1985’s “A Cappella” proved to be the most prescient contemporary a cappella album of the 1980s, with extremely catchy original tunes and dense textures that paved the way for a new sound. But since then? Not much a cappella, save a song or two in his concerts. I think it’s time for “A Cappella Two.” When I consider how much technology has advanced, and how far he was able to reach back in the days of 2 inch tape, I imagine... actually, I can’t imagine.

Well, that’s my dream list. who would you like to see return to a cappella?