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Is anyone having log in issues with the RARB?  It redirects me to CASA (as designed from the recent merger), but it never takes me back to RARB to write my post, nor logs me into CASA.  HELP?!


Yup! I'm having the same

Yup! I'm having the same issue - each time I try to click to log onto forums.casa.org, it redirects me to casa.org, where I am suddenly logged out of the site. Didn't mention it earlier, as I figured since the service just switched, they're working on it...


RARB and CASA.org accounts

RARB and CASA.org accounts were merged based on email addresses, so as long as both had the same username and email you should be fine. 

In some cases, the username and/or email addresses were different, so we will have to work through those issues.  If this is the case for you, use the email address for your RARB account here - http://www.casa.org/user/password, and this should give you your password if an account exists with that email.  If it doesn't, make an account with the same username and password as your RARB account, or change your current account to have the same username and password as the RARB account.

If you are still having issues logging in, send a group of us a message through this form - http://www.casa.org/contact and let us know what is happening.

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