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It all started innocently enough, with a Wikipedia search for CASA, to make sure everything there was up to date and correct.

Instead of a few paragraphs about a cappella, I was met with the following phrase:


It seems an individual who prides himself on being an anti-vandalism crusader on Wikipedia decided that CASA, BOCA, the ICCA, the House Jacks and a bunch of other a cappella related stuff exists in the realm on “insufficient notability.”

Now, for the record, he was suggesting removing the page on me personally, and I’ll be the first to admit that I might not meet their notability requirements, as I’m no ‘Horatio Hornblower’ (and I haven’t even played one on TV).

But everything else? It’s as if he decided that contemporary a cappella’s just not important enough to include in Wikipedia.

The good news was that it wasn’t decided yet. There was a formal discussion and then the Wikicabal would determine our fate. I knew we needed to bring out the big guns, and fast. 

So, I posted on casa.org, rarb.org and rec.music.a-cappella, requesting people check out the discussion, and post their two cents.

The discussion was a very interesting one, and is archived here: 


As you can see from this page, and the fact that CASA still has a Wikipedia page, we won the battle. Every last page. Which is a very good thing, as Wikipedia provides us with a defacto legitimacy. Should a reviewer, columnist or new fan be surfing the web for information, they’ll be able to read these pages and know that our little corner of the world does indeed exist.

But we’re not done. There is a great deal of information about contemporary a cappella that has yet to be added to Wikipedia. So, I have a favor to ask: if you’re at all computer literate, spend a little time cruising the Wikiannals and should you come across a Wikiarticle that could use some Wikiupdating, by all Wikimeans please do so.

The only way the entire a cappella community will be accurately represented there is if we do it ourselves. So, get off your duff... actually, stay on your duff, and start posting. 

And maybe, just maybe, one day I too can be like Horatio Hornblower.


Actually, scratch that. According to the Wikipedia article “he is tone-deaf and finds music an incomprehensible irritant.”

Hmm. Jack Aubrey? Jacob Faithful? I’ll get back to you.