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While other engineer/studio owners live by the mantra “diversify or die,” Freddie Feldman has confined his career to a very specialized niche: a cappella recording. Feldman has been singing in a cappella groups since high school. While he was at Northwestern University pursuing a double-degree in vocal music and computer engineering, he sang in collegiate a cappella groups including Five O’Clock Shadow and Purple Haze. When he learned how to use a roommate’s Pro Tools rig, his artistic and technical interests melded together.

Feldman operated two other studios for a total of 10 years before opening his new facility, Vocomotion (Skokie, Ill.), which went online in April 2009 and was designed by the Walters-Storyk Design Group. Feldman says his is the first all–a cappella studio that WSDG has designed, but as an experienced owner/operator, Feldman knew just what he wanted.

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