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*Volunteer your time to help with your favorite a cappella project. It could be a local a cappella festival, or helping your favorite group with their web site, or helping us with any of the various projects you see listed on our home page.

Just about every a cappella-community-building project you encounter is primarily or entirely organized and staffed by volunteers. Even if you only have a couple hours to give, your work can have a long-standing impact.

And if you’re really busy and don’t have time to seek out a project, or even read any further, here’s my suggestion: go to the acapedia and help correct and expand listings. Just pick a letter, click on a group name, and if the info isn’t current, look for them on the web, then update our listing. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

*Go sing. That’s right, just shut up and sing. At a local nursing home, halfway house or homeless shelter. There are many people who need music more than ever this time of year, and I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you’re a singer. Don’t play an instrument? No problem, right! Even if it’s just you, singing for 20 minutes, you’ll make some people very happy.

You may be able to find organizations that can organize your performance for you, such as Bread and Roses in the SF Bay Area. A web search should bear fruit. Or, just pick up a phone book and start calling places. I’ll wager big money you have yourself a gig within 5 minutes.

* If you’re giving gifts this season, consider giving a gift of a membership, in lieu of a box of chocolates or bottle of wine. Or make a donation in someone’s name. Or give a collection of your favorite albums. Or songbooks. Any money you spend in the a cappella world will help groups and organizations move one step closer to world domination.

* If you write arrangements, consider taking an afternoon and doing an arrangement for the CASA library (public domain or original song, please). Perhaps a holiday carol, if you’re in the mood. Any style, any voicing. You may hear someone singing it, or recording it, this time next year.

* If you have a topic you’re interested in, offer to write an article for CASA.org. Contact Marty, our editor, with your idea(s). We’re always looking for fresh content and new writers. Could be about the experiences you had recording your last album, or an interview with an a cappella group, or a story of your most recent college group road trip. Inquiring minds want to know.

In summary, anything you do will help, and everything you do is good. Of course, I should be honest: we’d really appreciate your donation. But we’d far rather see 10 people do something listed above than have just 1 person write a check.