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A long time ago, there was the CAN.  This was CASA's newsletter, sent through the post office to members all around the world, letting us know what was happening in the a cappella world.  The CAN had ads for the Franz Quartz Pitchpipe, winners of the Harmony Sweepstakes, and photos from the year's East Coast Summit.  It had news, events, and articles from a cappella illuminaries.  It kept us all in the know and strengthened the community.

CASA is revisiting the newsletter and this is one possible format, a list of the most recent articles on casa.org.  In the digital age, e-newsletters are a list of scannable headlines that allow the reader to click on a link for more information.  But are we giving you the information that you want?

We know that there are some stories that are very interesting to most of CASA.org's visitors, like CARA nominees and winners, ICCA results, and how to audition for the Sing-Off.  But are there other things that you would like to know about?  The latest songs added to the A Cappella Original MP3 Library?  The latest how-to in CASAcademy?  Local activites from Ambassadors? Or something we haven't thought of?

What would you like to know about?  And what would you like to see in a newsletter? Please share your thoughts!



A Little Bit "Aboot" Dylan Bell


For those of you who don't know me yet, let me step beyond the usual short-bio hype and tell you where I came from, a cappella-wise, and where I'm at.

Philly will be Jim Clancy’s last contest as director

Barbershop HQ

We’ll let the VM’s press release speak for itself: PHILADELPHIA CONTEST TO BE LAST COMPETITION FOR VOCAL MAJORITY DIRECTOR JIM CLANCY Dallas, TX (May 18, 2010)

Tuesday Tubin’: “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)”

Each Tuesday, The A Cappella Blog presents a link to a collegiate a cappella performance, or related material, that we recommend to you. Inversions of Major and Minor Triads Posted by: Easy Ear Training Missed the start of the series?

Swedish A Cappella Smorgasmobord – de luxe!

Vocal Blog

by Lee Robinson, London (via Jean Digby, SingAcappella.com For those of you that missed the Real Group workshop in Hammersmith, here is a review by Lee Robinson, who is a member of Sing a Cappella...


Mister Tim : Vocal Magic

Mister Tim

A full theater program of Mister Tim's solo vocal live-looping, beatboxing, improvisation, and other vocal 'tricks.' 75 minutes, no intermission.


New member in the Real group!


Today Peder Karlsson, the baritone in the Real Group, announces that he after more than 25 years with the group will step down to work more with composing and teaching and less with performing.


A Cappella Recording Database

I don't know if this would be appropriate for a *newsletter*, but if this doesn't already exist, I'd love to see a database that tracks a cappella covers. For example, if I wanted to know if there are any Rufus Wainwright a cappella covers out there, I'd like to be able to type "Rufus Wainwright" into a search engine and have it tell me that Florida State University's All-Night Yahtzee recorded a version of "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk". Or if God forbid I actually wanted to know how many groups have covered Deke's favorite song, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", I'd like to be able to type that title into a search engine and see what it spits out. (Or spits up, from Deke's point of view! :) )

If this already exists somewhere, I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks!

Read my column! (updated 2/10!)


AcaTunes does this sort of

AcaTunes does this sort of already.  The search function isn't that great, but it is a start.



Another website that isn't %100 A Cappella but does some of this, is www.allmusic.com.  I actually started working on what you mention, but dropped it a while back.  I can always pick it back up if other would find a use of this. :-)


Hi!  Pepperdine Christian University does a one of a one-of-a-kind Acappella Singing Conference!  Acappella singers  from the Churches of Christ, Mennonites, Catholic church and even Eastern Orthodox  come to share new songs every two years.  This year was the year 2010.  The next one proves to be even bigger and better in 2012!  See more at this link:  http://www.pepperdine.edu/ascendingvoice/ .  

Also,  one of the world's best acappella Chrisitan music training schools: " "Singing School at ACU"  see this link:  http://www.singingschool.org/index.htm 

Also,. i know many Acappella Church of Christ  groups in San Diego. They are available for singing appointments!



I would like to see a general events page where groups could post, or Ambassadors could post about local groups that are performing in their area.  


Hi, I would like to see a "where are they now" type column--esp. Sweepstakes finalists. E.g., what is Idea of North doing now?

I am a fan, so something addressed to those of us who are not sophisticated in the world of a cappella would be nice.

Also, however you formatted the email sent to me was almost unreadable. I tried to send it back to you so you could see it, but it was bounced back to me.



Lorraine, thank you for

Lorraine, thank you for posting.  Please feel free to forward the email to my personal address (joe@vermontvocals.org) along with what email program you are using.

I really like the "where are they now" idea, brilliant!  What other groups would you want to hear about? 

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