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Today Peder Karlsson, the baritone in the Real Group, announces that he after more than 25 years with the group will step down to work more with composing and teaching and less with performing. Peder will still be an active member of the Real Group, although he won't be on stage. For instance, he will be the project leader of the second The Real A Cappella Festival, which will be held in Sweden in 2012.

On stage we will  see and hear Morten Vinther Sørensen from Denmark, who currently is a member of the Danish vocal ensembles Vox11 and Postyr. Morten's first gig as a permanent member of the Real Group will be in September.

Read Peder's own words about this development here: http://www.therealcommunity.se/blog.php?user=PederK&blogentry_id=276