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Hi everyone,

We are West Side 5 (www.westsidefive.tumblr.com), a 5 person vocal jazz group based in NYC. We are a relatively new group (have been around for less than a year), but have been lucky to have had some success already - we won the Harmony Sweepstakes mid-Atlantic regional competition and just got to compete in Nationals in San Rafael, CA this past weekend. We are growing and changing a lot, and having a great time while doing so!

Our bass singer is unfortunately going to be moving to California in July, so we need a new bass for the group immediately!  We are open to people with any type of background, as we all come from very different musical backgrounds (we have a lounge singer, a composer, an opera singer, etc.!). The one thing we do need is someone who has a great ear and a LOOOW voice (E-flats should be reliable and you should ideally have a comfortable D-flat as well).

If you know of anyone who might be interested, please do encourage them to let us know by emailing us at westsidefive@gmail.com. We are already holding auditions and will continue doing so until we find the right person.

Thanks and hope to hear from you NYC basses soon!

- West Side 5