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Dear CASA member:

Thank you for your investment in becoming a member of The Contemporary A cappella Society (CASA). We hope that you are enjoying the membership benefits that we have to offer, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that we are actively using your membership dues to foster and promote contemporary a cappella music around the world.

We would like to call your attention to one particular benefit available to all CASA members: the privilege to vote in the A cappella Community Awards (ACAs). Have you done this yet? The voting for this year's 2010 ACAs will be open until May 15. If you have not yet voted, please do so here: http://www.casa.org/aca2010noms. We want to know what you loved in the community this past year.

If you have already voted, we thank you for your participation. Perhaps you have some friends, family, and/or fellow group members who would be interested in participating, too? Shoot them an email about joining CASA so that they can vote in the ACAs, receive a FREE digital download of Sing 6 Sunny Side Up, and take advantage of the many other benefits that we have available to our members.

Thank you very much!

Matt Emery
CASA Membership Director

*Our apologies for the duplicate email.  The format has been changed to accomodate multiple email programs.